Happy 93rd Birthday, twins!

Happy Birthday, Helen and Ellen! The twins turn 93 today(May 9th)! Leave your birthday wishes, in the Comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Happy 93rd Birthday, twins!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Aunt Helen and Aunt Ellen! What a joy it is to say that I have two aunts who are 93 years old, and they certainly slay! God bless and keep you both as you celebrate another year!

  2. It used to be hard to look at Ainee & Ainee, because I would see my gra smother (Ma-Maz aka Lois) each time I’d see them! Now, I stare in gratitude and gratefulness because they are a true testament of just how faithful God continues to be to our family!! Happy-happy 93rd birthday Ainees! You are a blessing to us and we love you!

  3. Happy Birthday Twins! I hope you had a great day. May God continue to bless my Grandmother & Aunt Ellen! I pray you enjoy many more birthdays! Love you both!

  4. Ladies! Our beautiful Aunties! You both are Queens! Happy Birthday! Continuous Blessing! Love you the most! Both of you…

  5. Happy Birthday Cousin Ellen and Cousin Helen! Wish you both many Blessings! Hope your birthday is filled with joy and happiness!!

    Love Tracy

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