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2017 LDLM Calendar – birthdays due Oct. 15th

Hello Family. As discussed during this year’s family meeting, 2017 Calendars with family birthdays will be printed and provided to all those who provide their seed money($100 per family), for the upcoming 2017 reunion. Calendars will be provided to all those who provide seed monies, as a courtesy gift. Providing seed money is not required […]

2016 Bessie E. Lane Scholarship Recipient: Sheldon Drake

We are pleased to announce our 2016 Bessie E Lane Scholarship Recipient – Sheldon Drake. Sheldon  provided an essay on ‘What Family Means to Me’. The essay was read during this year’s LDLM Reunion Banquet, by his father Steven Drake. Sheldon’s bio and essay are available here. Sheldon is the son of Steven and Sheila […]