2017 LDLM Calendar – birthdays due Oct. 15th

Hello Family. As discussed during this year’s family meeting, 2017 Calendars with family birthdays will be printed and provided to all those who provide their seed money($100 per family), for the upcoming 2017 reunion. Calendars will be provided to all those who provide seed monies, as a courtesy gift. Providing seed money is not required to have your family birthday information included – this is open to ALL.

There is an option to purchase the calendar alone for $15. Shipping costs will be extra, and vary based on location.

We are asking for all birthdays, and ask that you provide the information(name/day/month) by sending an email to birthday@ldlmfamily.com. If you would like to reserve a specific month, please attach the picture(s).
*Several birthdays were received during this year’s family meeting, and are in the family meeting minutes. We will send out updates on the month reservations, for all to know the open availability.
Deadline is set for October 15th.

Thank you. –Wilhemina Burwell

All questions can be directed to Latoya Muckles via text or phone at 256-682-2014.

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