Happy 93rd Birthday, twins!

Happy Birthday, Helen and Ellen! The twins turn 93 today(May 9th)! Leave your birthday wishes, in the Comment section below.

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    MICHAEL LOWMAN at | | Reply

    Happy Birthday Auntie Helen and Ellen, may you be blessed with many many more LUVU!!

  2. Angela Reid
    Angela Reid at | | Reply

    Happy Birthday to you, Aunt Helen and Aunt Ellen! What a joy it is to say that I have two aunts who are 93 years old, and they certainly slay! God bless and keep you both as you celebrate another year!

  3. Terra Edwards
    Terra Edwards at | | Reply

    It used to be hard to look at Ainee & Ainee, because I would see my gra smother (Ma-Maz aka Lois) each time I’d see them! Now, I stare in gratitude and gratefulness because they are a true testament of just how faithful God continues to be to our family!! Happy-happy 93rd birthday Ainees! You are a blessing to us and we love you!

  4. Latoya Muckles
    Latoya Muckles at | | Reply

    Happy Birthday Twins! I hope you had a great day. May God continue to bless my Grandmother & Aunt Ellen! I pray you enjoy many more birthdays! Love you both!

  5. Lamoris
    Lamoris at | | Reply

    Ladies! Our beautiful Aunties! You both are Queens! Happy Birthday! Continuous Blessing! Love you the most! Both of you…

  6. Tracy
    Tracy at | | Reply

    Happy Birthday Cousin Ellen and Cousin Helen! Wish you both many Blessings! Hope your birthday is filled with joy and happiness!!

    Love Tracy

  7. Harriet
    Harriet at | | Reply

    Happy birthday twins I love you two moms

  8. Margaret Jackson
    Margaret Jackson at | | Reply


  9. Lajuana
    Lajuana at | | Reply

    Happy Birthday

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