Homegoing Announcement: Agnes Johnson

We regret to announce the passing of Deaconess Agnes Maxine Parker Johnson.  Graveside service will be held on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. with Anniston Funeral Services (located at 630 S. Wilmer Avenue, Anniston, AL 36201) in charge of arrangements.  The phone number at the funeral home is (256) 236-0319. Maxine is the wife of Deacon Eddie ‘Horace’ Johnson (a 58 years, 7 months beautiful marriage) and sister/cousin to the Drake siblings.  Please keep Horace, son Paul, granddaughter Tia, Maxine’s sisters, Tankersley siblings and the Drake family lifted in prayer.  Thank you.

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  1. Marcia Drake
    Marcia Drake at | | Reply

    The John Drake family is very sad to share the news of our Daughter/Sister’s passing.
    Maxine is a part of so many happy memories of the Drake family. She and Horace are etched into every happy or sad time that we have experienced.
    True story, Just before Horace bought Maxine home to meet the family. There was a love seat purchased. It was a green two seater with wooden sturdy legs. From the moment we met Horace’s new bride we all fell in love with her. Maxine was a get in, pitch in kinda girl and she fit right in with Aunt Peggy and the Drake kids. She and Horace would between their many tours of duty pop in to visit Grandma Eula, Aunt Peggy & Uncle John Amos. The Drake kids always knew as their school bus dropped then off, that when they saw a brand new car in front of the house that Maxine and Horace were inside.
    They kept coming to check on Uncle John Amos after Aunt Peggy was gone. They always tried to get home when Marcia & Joyce were there. They made it to many of the LDLM family reunions even when it traveled to other states. Many of yall have been beaten badly by Maxine and who ever her partner happened to be in “bid whiz”.
    Today our prayers are for Horace, Paul and Tia. The Parker, Tankersly, Johnson & Drake families. Maxine was beloved and she will be missed. We are grateful to God for a love story that lasted for over 58 years. Devotion like you have never seen and just like that love seat, Horace & Maxine “two seater” with sturdy legs.

  2. Carlean Leavell
    Carlean Leavell at | | Reply

    Sending heartfelt condolences. Look to the hills that come your strength. Cherish the memories of your dear one, and look forward to seeing her in a place call Heaven. May God continue to hold you with his righteous right hand.

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