Homegoing Announcement: Myranda Denise Crutcher Lloyd

November 25, 1955 -September 9, 2020

Funeral Service stream: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JHZztNUJbYXMrw6_aigjI7G3TAfaoP5F/view?usp=sharing

     It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Myranda Denice Crutcher Lloyd (affectionately called ‘Niecy’).   She was the baby girl of William Henry and Clara Drake Crutcher.
 When the Crutcher children were young, their mother annually brought the whole clan to Harvest for the entire summer.  They were on Carroll Road (initially Route 1 Box 293 Harvest, AL) at Ma Bessie’s home with visits to relatives out in the county and within the city.  Myranda (along with her sister Constance/’Bumpy’) loved to sing.  They would teach their “country” cousins renditions of songs they sang at their ‘Motor City’ church in Detroit.  Two of those songs were “Yes Jesus Loves Me” and “When Jesus Set Me Free”.
      One thing Niecy especially enjoyed was worship during revival.  She delighted in being at the Saint James CPCA (at that time, Saint James 2nd Cumberland Presbyterian Church) Revival in the Jeff community.  The reason for this gratification is that she loved to hear her cousin Endia (“Cedar”) sing and pray.  This was prior to Endia having acknowledged her call to preach the gospel.  To ensure that she made it to Saint James at least a couple of nights during the week, she and her side kick -Steen would call Endia to tell her that they wanted to go; she would tell them what time to be ready. 
      When Madison County schools started in the fall, Aunt Clara’s gang would still be in Alabama.  This afforded ‘Bumpy’ and ‘Niecy’ the opportunity to visit the Toney Jr. High School.  They always looked forward to that and to having a chance to pick a little cotton before returning to Michigan.
      Niecy was in Huntsville last summer for the LDLM family reunion.  She jubilantly enjoyed herself and
EVERYBODY was happy to interact with her.  It was quite okay that she might have been flamboyant in demonstrating her appreciation to participate in another reunion.  She will be sorely missed.
      Funeral service for Myranda Denice will be on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at the Fisher Funeral Home in Redford Township, MI.  Please keep Brenda, William Jr., Eric, nieces, nephews, grand nieces, grand nephews, Uncle Bo, Aunt Helen, Aunt Ellen and a host of cousins in our prayers. 

Memorial Services Detail

Fisher Funeral Home
24501 Five Mile Road
Redford Township, MI 48239

Friday, Sept 25th
Family Hour
3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Friday, Sept 25th
4:00 pm -8:00 pm

Saturday, Sept 26th
Family Hour
10:30 am -11:00am

Saturday, Sept 26th
Funeral Service
11:00 am-12:00pm

*In the event of a change, please check or contact the Fisher Funeral Home link for the latest information on the Memorial Services.

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  1. Marcia Drake
    Marcia Drake at | | Reply

    “Myranda Denise Crutcher” (Niecy), when we heard Aunt Clara say her whole name we knew we were all in trouble. Our Summer Sister Cousin who came to Alabama every year and bought so much adventure, so much fun and so much trouble. Joyce recalls we got more whippings when Niecy visited than any other time of the year.

    Chocolate drop with deep dimples and water wave hair (pretty little girl, even more attractive teenager, then became beautiful woman). In later years we feared her visits because it seems that the boys that we liked, only hung out with us when she was visiting, “what’s up with that”?

    She was a feisty leader. She led the girls as Double-O-Seven “007” to the boy cousins’, “The In Crowd”, led by William. With Niecy we were empowered and we knew we could do anything the boys did. She got Joyce so fired up that she took on Cousin Kent in a throw down. We all know who won.

    She was a good little homemaker and once proclaimed that Joyce & I would “never make a man a good wife”, because we weren’t cooking Daddies, her Uncle Bo’s eggs right. She was something else.

    So many fun memories when all the cousins (Crutcher & Walton from Detroit, Edwards from Ohio, and Burwell, Drake, Lane, Lightfoot & Scruggs of Alabama) would gather at Ma Bessie’s where we were all the keeper of Lil Woodie and tasked with not letting him exit that Pickett Fence on his little tricycle. Niecy took this seriously as she had been the help sent to Alabama to assist Ma Bessie with Lil Woodie when he first came to live with her. Watermelon, homemade ice cream, hool -la-hoop and the threat of Uncle Moses cutting off our ears. I can’t imagine our lives without those summers. Those summers were made even more special because of our time with Niecy and all the cousins.

    Niecy was talented, and at a very early age she wrote a song entitled “Dust and Sand”. Joyce and I served as her Supremes (her backup singers), as we performed it at the back-porch talent shows. She was our style guru, we learned about hot pants and sizzler dresses from Niecy. She always arrived with the latest fashion from the Motor City. She taught us the latest dances, the bop and the breakdown children, break on down.

    Although we never lost contact with Niecy there were long stretches of time where we didn’t see each other. We saw her in 2012 and then last year. Thank God for last year! She came to Alabama for the family reunion. What a welcome sight, she seemed to revel in every minute and there we were enjoying our Summer Sister Cousin again. That Saturday night at Leonard & Brenda’s home, it seemed that we had an extra special wonderful time. We laughed so hard, and made memories that will last forever. God is Sovereign and he knew that we would need a little refresher in the joy of Niecy, to get us through the pain of losing her. Thank God for the memories of Niecy, that will keep us until the” Grand Family Reunion”. When we all get to heaven!

    Yes Bumpy, Yes Niecy (sang gals)!! Jesus loves us!

    Rest Easy Cousin, we won’t forget you. You will forever be in our hearts.

    Marcia & Joyce

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